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a small jug and a plate for indoor use from the time of influence Greeks and Romans in the 1st and the 2nd century

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Jelsa   Jelsa
Individual diving
it's a supervised dip by a guide diver for 3 persons top. Your guide is a licenced diver with lots of experiences. On this diving trip you'll see amazing world under the sea. Advantage is in small group.
  - you can create your own itinerary of diving trip
- your tour diver will recommend what is worth to see
- you can take your family on this dive trips if there is enough space on boat (up to 6 persons per boat)
- refilling oxygen tanks and lending missing diving equipment for our guests is free of charge
- you will be taken to diving trips by our boat Fishermann 6 m long with an angine Honda of 130 ps
- diving prices will be agreed
- individual diving is organized only for our guests who are gualified divers
- we do not organize diving courses
For a dive you need:
  1. Permit required for diving is DIVERS CARD HRS (Croatian Diving League of Croatian Diving Federation) worth 100kn,
  2. Membership card in value 100 kn,
  3. your personal diving card (every diver recives this car when he passes the diving test).

Every dive is made with the tour diver and is wriiten down in divers club journal.

Possibility for rent of all necessary equipment.

Charge the air for our guests is free of charge. 

Jelsa   Jelsa

Fishing and underwater fishing
- valid licence is needed, it is the same for both, fishing und underwater fishing
- you can choose between licences
for a day (price 60 KN),
for a weekend (price 150 KN),
for a week (price 300 KN)
and for a month (price 700 KN)
- licences are avaliable at the Harbour-Master's office

- by an agreement


Fishing from a boat
- by an eho sound
- up to 5 persons at once
- time, place and price will be agreed

Underwater fishing
- by breathtaking (apnea)
- possibility of lending missing equipment
- price will be agreed


General conditions
- the sports mentioned above are organized only for guests with valid certificates, licences and diving equipment
- all sports are organized by a qualified diver
- reservations are possible at the spot of your holiday
- all sports will be realized considering the weather forecast
- only for guests of "Pension Stella"

For other informations call us or send us an e-mail.




We offer to our guests free use of Fitness for training, which is located on the ground floor of the house.