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the Roman wine amphora from the 1st century

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Crystal blue sea, marvellous bays and pebble beaches, mild climate, lush vegetation, vineyards, olive groves, endless fields of lavander, historical and cultural sights make the island of Hvar, undoubtedly, the most beautiful island...
Jelsa   rt Kabal
Jelsa   rt Kabal

Due to its geographical position Hvar was a place at the important sea route since the ancient times, where different cultures interweaved and influenced each other, and finally left traces to the present day... Because of a mild climate, lots of sun, variety of hotel-and-catering centres with sport and recreational offer, many tourists visit Hvar both in summer and winter. Warm summers and gentle and moist winters enable Hvar to be one of the most attractive health resorts. rt Kabal Hvar belongs to the central island group of the Adriatic and it is the longest of the Adriatic islands. It is 67,5 km long and a maximum of 10,5 km in width. There are 11,459 inhabitants:Hvar – 3650, Jelsa – 1800 inhabitants, Stari grad – 1800 inhabitants

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Hvar is an island with the highest average of sunny hours on the Adriatic coast. During winter, he has an average temperature of 9°C while in summer is 25°C. Lavander The islanders make their living mostly of tourism, viticulture, olive growing and above all, growing of rosemary and lavander, and fishing...

Thanks to its position at the ancient sea route, Hvar has richer history than any other island on the Adriatic. Constant fights for the island confirm its importance and value of its territory... All its conquerers have left their trace in history, a seal for the future...